15 Pure CSS Ribbon Designs

This is a collection of CSS ribbon designs whether for a design project or just to imporove your CSS skills.The below examples and tutorials are from Codepen, JSfiddle or CSSDeck.
You can start with the examples and modify the values or just start right away.

Well,personally i like the first one too much.

Ribbon Menu

11.css ribbon


CSS Social Ribbons

13.css ribbon


Hover Effect CSS3 Ribbon Menu

7.css ribbon


CSS Animated Ribbon

8.css ribbon


Single Element CSS Ribbon

css ribbon


Logo in different color sets

2.css ribbon


Responsive Css Ribbon

3.css ribbon


Orange Ribbon Logo

4.css ribbon


CSS3 Ribbon

5.css ribbon


CSS Only Ribbon

6.css ribbon


CSS Ribbon Banner

9.css ribbon


Pure CSS3 Smooth Ribbon With Borders

10.css ribbon


Pure CSS Corner Ribbon

12.css ribbon


Single element CSS banner

14.css ribbon


White Ribbon in Css3

15.css ribbon