10 Best Free Chrome Extensions For Parental Control

Today we bring together Chrome extension for parental control.It’s a must for our kids to control their behavior on the net and if you are using Chrome as a browser on your pc then this is really simple.Just take a look at the below Chrome extension and choose the most suitable one for your kids.


Parental Control App

Parental Control App (“PC app”) is a Free extension that enables safe browsing on the web. PC app makes sure your children practice safe browsing.
1.parental control chrome app


tinyFilter – Reliable Content Filtering

Protect yourself from inappropriate or offensive content. tinyFilter is a strong web content filtering extension for Chrome.
2.parental control chrome app



Nanny for Google Chrome (previously Chrome Nanny) allows you to be more productive and less distracted by blocking sites.
3.parental control chrome app


WebFilter Pro

WebFilter Pro is cloud based web filtering application protecting your family browsing by monitoring millions web sites
4.parental control chrome app


Website Blocker

Website Blocker is useful when you want to concentrate on work.
5.parental control chrome app


Blocksi Web Filter

Web Filter and Parental Control application. Protects your employees, students and family from inappropriate content.
6.parental control chrome app


StopItKids parental control

Protect your child by restricting them from accessing inappropriate websites
7.parental control chrome app


YouDeemIt – parental advice system

YouDeemIt is a social tool created to give our kids a sense of responsibility while browsing the web.
8.parental control chrome app



This extension protects your browser against sensitive content.
9.parental control chrome app



mSpy is a monitoring application that tracks all the activities of the target user in the background of a monitored phone or desktop in stealthy mode.
10.parental control chrome app