8 Interactive Infographics Created with HTML, CSS and Javascript

The term infographics comes from Information Graphics. Infographics are referred to graphic visual representation of data, information and knowledge. This is considered as one of the very strong way of representing data or information in a mode of graphic. These graphical representations allow us to obtain the data or knowledge in a very effective way. The idea of such infographics is not very rare in our daily life; rather before it hit the virtual zone of web designing it can be seen in our real life. For example, we can name maps, various types of signs, train routs where we can find the use of such technique to show and explain the information in a very clear manner.

These infographics can be created with the help of various kinds of web design languages. Web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be used in order to create such interactive infographics. For the websites that have features like showing some signs or maps on the web pages, this technology is brilliant. It is proved to be very useful for the websites that want to share some kind of data or information with its viewers in a form of a graphical representation. Web designers like to use this technique to make their website designing project more attractive with exclusive maps and signs.

One can find beautiful illustrations, graphical designs, animations and interactivity that are capable to provide the information in a meaningful manner through those graphical representations. The interactive feature of these websites is the most amazing part of this technology that makes it the favorite of the web designers as well as the users of those websites. This technology makes the website attractive with the use of animations. Apart from enhancing the look it also helps the viewers to get interactive with the page that they are browsing and they get the chance to gather lots of information according to their own requirement.

As we all know and understand that the world of web site designing is facing the introduction of newer and smarter technologies almost every day. Since people like to visit sites with innovative features and technologies, so web designers are very keen to create and introduce fresh ideas for their designing projects.

Interactive Infographics

LRA Crisis Tracker – Invisible Children

This is a dynamic infographic that has a dynamic map and box with stats linked to current data. It shows violence against civilians including killings, abductions and attacks with the help of smart markers.

You can choose country or region, as well as use a filter to sort data by such criteria as date, attack type, the radius of an area, keyword, and community. The map is easy to explore just by dragging the cursor. There are also lots of additional information and news regarding the crisis.

An HTML5 Interactive Infographic featuring Dribbble

If you want to quickly familiarize yourself with Dribbble, a huge community of talented people, then you should take a look at this digital illustration. It has a marvelous graphical nature that reflects artistic and creative vibe of the project. It is made in brand colors (various shades of pink and neutral gray) and features a huge ball that is easily associated with the logotype.

It is broken into several parts: ‘what is it used for’, ‘ who is using it’, ‘what is with all the lingo’, and a brief ‘about me’ block that includes information about the author of this project

Organized Crime

This skillfully organized chart is made in dark colors to convey the seriousness of the problem (aka shadow market that spans almost all continents). Vibrant colors are used to demonstrate types of crime and its sphere. It is fully interactive so that you can click a number to get acquainted with a criminal organization, click the icon to see a breakdown, or go for categories to estimate the flow of goods.

Collaborative Fund

Collaborative Fund offers the online audience an interesting and engaging visual storytelling experience that sheds the light on ‘Future of car sharing’ in an unobtrusive manner.

The team has crafted an enjoyable fully illustrated environment spruced up with subtle motion and little effects. It is based on a horizontal scrolling mechanism so that use either your fingers or key arrow to navigate through the project. It starts with data concerning North America and proceeds to other countries covering both European and Asian ones. Each piece of data is skillfully visualized.

inTacto 10 Years

The team was one of the first who demonstrated benefits of creating and sharing company’s reviews. They have started a new trend that continues to grow nowadays embracing more and more spheres.

It is a fully illustrated one-page website that is driven by vertical parallax scrolling technique. Each year is portrayed with the help of brilliant artwork and vigilantly interpreted data. Push the start button and let the project take you on a space adventure through the fascinating history of the agency.

Is The Internet Awake?

Bard Edlund, the author of this graphical and skillfully animated infographic, has combined artistic approach with some clever animated tricks and, of course, powerful possibilities of HTML5 to bring the idea to life. As a result, you can familiarize yourself with an approximate view of day and night in the 25 countries starting from the USA and ending with Vietnam based on a number of Internet users.

Magnolia – Infographics & Data Visualization Elements Pack


If you’ve got inspired by the listed above examples and is eager to create something alike, then you should try out Magnolia – Infographics & Data Visualization Elements Pack. It provides you with all the required tools for crafting one from scratch. Including mostly Photoshop vector shapes, it is very easy to customize and adjust without losing quality and sharpness. This massive pack of bright and professionally crafted items is broken into such groups as

  • charts and graphs;
  • diagrams;
  • tables;
  • timelines;
  • avatars and people silhouettes;
  • various shapes, icons, and widgets;
  • map and much more.

There are five pages of items in total that can be used in any presentation, report, brochure and other projects.


Interactive infographics much like any traditional printed one come in handy in various spheres. Whether you want to draw the attention to a problem, raise a serious issue, show up-to-date statistics, give a community boost or promote you agency, it assists in achieving the desired result in a creative manner. It is more than just a beautiful and bright picture, thanks to some clever tricks with animations and interactive solutions it breathes with life and dynamics thereby becoming a powerful instrument in engaging readers.

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