10 Lorem Ipsum Generators To Fill Blank Space

For budding designers and developers adding in lorem ipsum text to cover a space in a section of the page before the real copy is ready is a useful tool in the creatives’ toolbox. The dummy text is essential to ensure the web page will use the right formatting so the design can be properly inspected by the creative team and the client too.

Look below to our round-up of some of the best lorem ipsum generators online. Many have special features which make them more useful for certain tasks when wanting the temporary text to be customized. Check them out.


FilleratiUse Fillerati to forget lorem ipsum and instead add paragraph quotes from one of seven classic authors like Lewis Carroll, H. G. Wells and Jules Verne with titles like The Wizard of Oz, The War of the Worlds and The Scarlett Plague.



CatipsumCatipsum is a cat lovers lorem ipsum generator which can generate cat breeds, lorem ipsum or what they term, standard scoops. Ad copy can be extremely cat related and users can upload images of their own cat for inclusion as a linked rollover image within the text itself. Very original.


HTML Ipsum

HTML IpsumThe HTML Ipsum is a text generator in many different formats that can be copied directly from the page. A long paragraph, an unordered list, a definition list or a random sample of everything is shown on the page for use.


Corporate Ipsum

Corporate IpsumThe Corporate Ipsum is a more intelligent generator of text. The text is not the usual lorem ipsum but actual coherent paragraphs of corporate text. Just enter how many paragraphs are needed and the web app will present several paragraphs of text copy to use on a web page.


Ipsum Generator

Ipsum GeneratorThe Lorem Ipsum Generator is one of the more customizable lorem ipsum generators available. Specify how many paragraphs, sentences or words are requred in order to fit into the allotted designed space. Add bold, italic or paragraph tagging as well for static html users.


Blind Text Generator

Blind Text GeneratorThe Lorem Ipsum Generator lets the user choose how many words, characters or paragraphs of dummy text are needed. that helps to create dummy text for all layout needs. Add paragraph html tags. Also choose between several text choices beyond lorem ipsum including Kafka, Cicero, a-z A-Z and 123 selections and others.



HeisenbergipsumFor lovers of the Breaking Bad TV series, this text generator will offer the chosen number of paragraphs from the dialogue of different characters in the long running Breaking Bad series. Do note that some of the dialog is a bit choice and so a ready through of the content before using it on a client site would be warranted.



LebowskiipsumBig Lebowski is a popular film starring Jeff Bridges. This ipsum generator neatly slips in many Lebowski film quotes within the usual lorem ipsum in order to spice it up. Again the same warning should be noted to read through the content to ensure it is appropriate for family friendly web sites even just in testing phase.


Adhesion Text

Adhesion TextInsert the characters into a slim box in the web app, choose between several options like inserting numbering, adding correct punctuation, removing accented characters, and changing or ignoring the uppercase or lowercase of the characters used, this tool will create a dummy paragraph from the included words in one of eight languages including Russian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, French or English.