18 CSS3 and jQuery Loading Animations Solutions

The largest resource of CSS3 and jQuery Loading animations is now in your hands. You will be surprised to see the amazing animated series as we bring for you the best of the run. Before loading animation was tough and was restricted only to the Gif format but now with powerful technologies and browsers (the canvas and VML), you can also load it with the CSS3 and jQuery . It is highly customizable and the server gives you a smooth processing of the request made by you.

There is a total of about CSS3 and jQuery which can load animation but not all of them can work in the older browsers. The JavaScript VML and canvas is supported by spin.js and activity indicator. jQuery plugin renders spinner using VML or SVG. It has the same functionalities with spin .js other than relying on jQuery. The script is light weight with alpha transparency, high configuration and is resolution independent. Moreover it works in major browsers and has feature detection possibilities.

The canvas loader plugin is useful and better than the typical gif loading animation. The loader is canvas based and has the same width and height. This plugin is useful for developing the mobile apps to be seen on Android. It lets you check the canvas support before replacement. We have Heartcode CanvasLoader using the HTML5 Canvas to customize circular preloaders. This is from the JavaScript UI library. Spin.js supports old browsers and has an UI for customizing your preloader. It has high configuration, supporting the major browsers and is independent of resolution. Spin.js uses VML as an emergency in the old IEs. The only thing is that your browser should support canvas. Other than this the file size is small with ~3k minified and is highly configurable.

Ajax load is quite handy and is used for standard animation loading. You can create your desired icons with it by selecting your type of indicator and changing the background and foreground code color. Drop down menu is another solution in the navigation menu with JavaScript. You can also control cookie using JavaScript. Chimply gives you some useful animated circles and it has generated about 18131 images for you. You can get the three dimensional category of circular, horizontal, rectangular, smiley, religion signs and zodiac signs.

CSS3 and jQuery Loading Animations

CSS Loading Animation

CSS Loading Animation

Four different colored and effects for CSS and HTML loadings. You can use them free in your projects.

Creating a CSS Loader

Creating a CSS Loader

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some css animation basics. You’ll create a simple css loading animation, similar to facebook’s chat loading animation.

Page Preloading Effect

Page Preloading Effect

This team has concentrated on producing only one solution that should brighten up an appearance of the page with a help of a simple, small yet fancy animation based on an effective collaboration of CSS3 3D transforms and SVGs.


Lazy Loading

Load images within the viewport only. Serves responsive images for 4 screen sizes.


Spin.js is a tiny plugin that lets you create plain vector monochrome spinners. One of the advantages is that it can work without JavaScript and is supported by the majority of popular browsers including even old and problematic IE6. The customization implies settings for such characteristics as

  • number and length of lines;
  • opacity and thickness of the lines;
  • radius of the inner circle;
  • rotation offset and direction;
  • position, shadow and some others.

Use intuitive interface to tune it up.

CSS3 Loading Animation Loop

Loading animation loop has a bright appearance thanks to the neon style. Alessio Atzeni offers 3 types of CSS3-based preloading effects that look especially good on a dark background. The component can be controlled by play/stop buttons.

There is a tutorial that shows step by step how to create one from scratch. As for the drawback, they work only in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

CSS3 Loading Animation

CSS3 Loading Animation looks much similar to the previous spinners. There are also 3 different types of loading animations. The first one has a circular vibe; the second is a standard linear solution, and the third one is composed of a set of blocks.

They also have a bluish coloring with a nice accompanying effect. Each one can be started, restarted, or paused on demand.



Nice subtle bar that indicates that the current page is loading something. Loadie.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create a preloader that doesn’t suck and that is used by big firms.

CanvasLoader Creator

Making use of a regular UI library, this intuitive, flexible and resolution independent online tool equips you with a general sort of settings for creating and customizing throbbers. You can assign

  • diameter of an inner circle;
  • the speed of animation;
  • range and density;
  • color and background color.

What’s more, you can also choose among several standard shapes including oval, square, rectangle, spiral, and rounded rectangle.

Loading CSS spinners and bars generator for AJAX & JQuery

Here you will find a huge collection of dynamic status indicators. This generator enables you to create pure CSS and HTML components. The range covers such versions as

  • circular spinners;
  • horizontal bars;
  • 3D dimensional AJAX loaders;
  • animated text-based components;
  • and some others that are failed to find their proper place in the listed above directories.

Just pick up the desired category, type of the component and copy the code snippet.

CSS3 loading spinners without images

CSS3 loading spinners without images is a great solution for those of you who seek lightweight indicators that won’t overload project with unnecessary graphics. Using CSS transform property that is supported by Firefox 3.5+ and WebKit-based browsers, the author is managed to build beautiful spinners from primitive bars and circles.

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