20 Medical Business Cards Design Examples

Doctors, as other professionals have to present business cards when they meet people interested in their services. These have to inspire faith and confidence and by using the right colors and symbols, one can achieve that. Usually symbols that are closer to the area the doctor is activating in are the most appropriate. But it also can be something generic like white doves that signify care, humanity and healing for instance.

The right colors used on medical business cards are pretty important too; like red that represents remedial drugs, or blue that represents trust and healing. These two colors can blend with the design of the medical business card very well. Or you can make them cheerful, using bright colors if its pediatricians we are talking about.

Making them pleasant to the eye or fun can make some of your future patients get over their fears, like medical cards for dentists for instance.

This is a collection of medical cards that we think are worth showcasing.

Medical Business Cards Design Examples

The business card has a crisp and clean appearance based on a solid structure, harmonious three-tone color scheme and sharp and elegant typography. Although it does not include characteristic graphics, relying just on informative side, yet it hits the target and conveys a businesslike vibe, developing trust and reliability.

Business card of Johnathan Smith breaks away from the monotony with its artistic and unusual design. While one side of the b-card presents contacts in an almost formal way, the other side tries to win over potential clients with a lavish graphic nature. Such a combination gives a nice twist to the overall impression.

Sarah Radtke – Identity System by Ryan Cady also gets straight to the point and immediately reveals what kind of a specialist is hidden under this piece of paper. An eye-catching illustration of a skeleton that takes up the whole front side reinforces the effect.

Thus, the card drums up interest. The back side, as usual, is reserved for displaying information in a casual way. Blue and white work perfectly together.

The business card has a sleek, compact and polished appearance that gives off freshness and purity. The structure is also overfilled with air that naturally focuses users’ attention on the content. Blue is used to set up a calm, and serene atmosphere as well as lay an accent on important details such as the name of the establishment.

Business card for Dentist or Dental Institute is another design in our list that makes a clever use of blue and white color scheme. As a result, the b-card radiates of freshness and reliability. The coloring unobtrusively evokes associations with the medicine. Corresponding illustrations that fit here like a glove lighten an atmosphere and add positive emotions. What’s more, if you like it, you can buy it. It is a premium product that is a fully editable print-ready PSD file.

The business card features an intricate logotype that links the design with the medicine sphere. Although dominant black tone looks a bit harsh, however, a neat structure, well formatting and some nice splashes of orange shade enrich general feeling with positive notes.

Medical Business Card looks minimal yet elegant and refined. The primary color palette plays here several roles. First of all, it creates the whole aesthetics, and secondly it establishes a marvelous general feeling. A generous amount of white space and densely packed together copy give lots of room to breathe, making the mockup look enjoyable and comfortable to explore.

DR. LUCES BIANCHI_IDENTITY by Maria Gabriela Luces has a distinctive businesslike atmosphere that fosters open relationships with potential clients. The design nicely echoes with the logotype and have a lovely medical feel. The artist capably highlights important details and breaks the information into digestible portions.

Business Card of Antonio Persico radiates of warmth and optimism thanks to a skillfully chosen color scheme. Carefully visualized surgical instruments that not only decorate the background of a back side but also used to glue the design together, match the tone of the project and enrich the aesthetics. The template is a symbiosis of embellishments and a solid layout.

Right Care has a lovely boxy vibe that makes the design look organized, structured, clean and modern. Vibrant color palette adds to a buoyant mood and brings energy. The content easily strikes the eye and delivers the message quite effectively.

The project is dedicated to the vet clinic so that it is quite predictable that a fancy mascot of a puppy takes the central stage of the front side. This traditional element of brand identity has a striking visual design, a soft coloring and wonderful graphical stuff.

Health Choice has a visiting card where the happy atmosphere prevails. The artist goes for an unusual coloring that is based on warm earthy shades. While the properly organized layout arranges the copy into groups that are quickly perceived, the roomy feeling reinforces the general impression.

Neuro Business card has a stunning aesthetics that gets its beauty from the well-thought-out color choice and minimalist design. The designer employs a considerable amount of white space to improve readability and naturally bring the content into focus.

ScrubdIn Identity has a matchless playful tone achieved by a fancy illustration and stitched like borders. While the front side has only one message to convey, the back side, as befits the majority of b-card, is responsible for providing viewers with all the contact information.

Neuro Business card vol.2 is also based on a two-tone coloring and additional black used for display data. Each color serves its role: gray keeps the design clean, the green color oozes tranquility, harmony, and hope, exactly what is needed for bringing around the potential patients. Although the copy is compactly arranged and has a small font size, yet it is still easily readable and quickly scannable.

The project leans more towards a minimal design and spacious feeling. It perfectly portrays the brand and directs the whole attention to the content. The theme fosters positive emotions and exudes an image of honesty and authority.

Professional Medical Business Card looks intriguing and original. Much like the previous example, the design boasts of visual clarity and lots of white space. The clever illustration that marks both sides of b-card easily represents medical establishments. The sharp contrast between background and foreground elements gives the copy a distinctive look.

It is also a premium professional template that can be bought via market. It comes with all the vital features such as

  • bleed lines;
  • CMYK coloring;
  • high-quality graphics.


The artists, as a rule, opt for clean monochrome backdrops, sharp formal typography, simple and coherent structure, harmonious color schemes, where usually white and blue take the leading positions, and spacious feel. These aspects let the business card evoke positive emotions, trust, and hope.

It should be also noted that in some cases artistic touches or fancy illustrations also work out to brand’s advantage, breaking the molds of traditional elegant and modest designs.

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