30 Free Brick Textures For Designers

Textures are one of the most needed design components for designers.Whether you are web designer or a graphic designer having a huge texture library is essential to simplify design process.
By replacing or adding a unique texture to your web design as a background or even use a small part of the texture you can totally change the look of your designs and make them more realistic.
So instead of creating texturized designs you can easily apply high quality textures to your designs.
Today we have collected 30 free brick textures to use freely in your designs.Here is the collection of 30 free brick textures.


brick texturesTexture Source

Seamless Brick Wall Texture

2.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Seamless Brick Texture

3.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Brick – Seamless

4.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Brick 3 – Seamless

5.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Digital Brick wall Stock

6.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Brick Texture – 9

7.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick Textures_01

8.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick Texture

9.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Weathered Brick Stone Wall 01

10.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Seamless Brick, Light Brown

11.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Seamless Brick

12.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Seamless Brick, Light Grey

13.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick, Green

14.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick, Red

15.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick, Light Brown

16.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick 10

17.free-brick-texturesTexture Source


18.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

KAO – Rose Colored Brick Wall

19.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Brick Texture

20.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Brick Holes

21.free-brick-texturesTexture Source

Wet Lichen Brick

22.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Exposed Bricks

23.free-brick-textures1Texture Source


24.free-brick-texturesTexture Source


25.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Texture from Lost and Taken

26.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Brick Wall

27.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Another Brick Wall

28.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

Metallic Paint Brick

29.free-brick-textures1Texture Source

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