30+ Free Rock Textures For Designers

Textures are great time saving design components and more importantly they help help designers to make the designs more realistic.Applying the right texture to any piece of artwork can totally change the overall look of it.So, textures play vital role in both web and graphic design.

As usual we continue to bring together free resources for designers and developers and in today’s post we have gathered free textures to add into your texture library.This week’s collection is rock textures.Rock textures are widely used in designs so the below rock textures may be useful for your design projects.

Here is the collection of 30+ free rock textures.

Rock Face

rock textureTexture Source


Seamless Rock

2.rock-textureTexture Source


Granite Rock Texture

3.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

4.rock-textureTexture Source


Cracked Granite Rock Texture

18.rock-textureTexture Source


On Crack

19.rock-textureTexture Source


Cliff Rock Texture

20.rock-textureTexture Source


Tilable Rock

5.rock-textureTexture Source


Abstract Stone Texture

21.rock-textureTexture Source


Granite Rock Texture

22.rock-textureTexture Source


Gold Texture Stock

23.rock-textureTexture Source



24.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Surface

6.rock-textureTexture Source


Metallic Rock

7.rock-textureTexture Source


Cracked Rock Texture

8.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

9.rock-textureTexture Source



10.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Wall

11.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

12.rock-textureTexture Source


Brown Rock

13.rock-textureTexture Source


Roughed Up Rock

14.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

15.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Face Texture

16.rock-textureTexture Source


Hot Rock Texture

17.rock-textureTexture Source


Scuffed Up

25.rock-textureTexture Source


Wave Rock

26.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

27.rock-textureTexture Source


Mock Stone

28.rock-textureTexture Source


Rock Texture

29.rock-textureTexture Source


Texture Thingie

30.rock-textureTexture Source

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