A Collection of Fresh CSS3/jQuery Animation Plugins and Tutorials

Today we have collected CSS3 and jQuery animation plugins and tutorials to use in your web development projects.So what is a CSS3 and jQuery animation?These animations let an element gradually change from one style to another.

You can change as many CSS properties you want, as many times you want.The below plugins are fresh and recently released easy-to-implement in your design projects.

CSS3 and jQuery animations allow animation of most HTML elements without using Flash.

So here is the list of fresh CSS3 and jQuery animation plugins and tutorials.

Bouncy Navigation

1.css3 animation pluginBouncy Navigation is a full-screen navigation, with floating menu items. CSS animations and jQuery used to animate navigation items, and let them bounce in and out the screen.


Anima.js – Javascript Library for CSS Animations

2.css3 animation pluginAnima.js gives you the ability to use delays and durations normally, even for pure CSS animations. It uses CSS transforms and 3d-transforms together with Javascript to create animation. You have full control over the flow, so you can start, stop, cancel animations and even create event-based stuff.


Snabbt.js – Minimalistic Animation Library in Javascript

3.css3 animation pluginsnabbt.js is a minimalistic javascript animation library. It focuses on moving things around. It will translate, rotate, scale, skew and resize your elements. By including matrix multiplication operations, transforms can be combined in any way you want. The end result is then set via CSS3 transform matrices.


Animated Headlines with CSS & jQuery

4.css3 animation pluginA collection of animated headlines, with interchangeable words that replace one another through CSS transitions and jQuery.


fakeLoader.js – jQuery Plugin to Create Page Preloading Effects

5.css3 animation pluginfakeLoader.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect.


Bouncy Content Filter with CSS and jQuery

6.css3 animation pluginThis space-saving content filter allows the users to switch from one category to the other in a fancy way. Each click fires the rotation of the gallery images, revealing the items belonging to the selected category.


Pricing Tables – Simple Responsive Pricing Tables

7.css3 animation pluginPricing Tables is a simple responsive pricing tables, in 3 different styles and with a bouncy animation while switching to different plans.


3D Animated Mockup

8.css3 animation pluginA simple template to showcase your application features through a smooth 3d animation, powered by CSS and jQuery.


ProgressBar.js – Responsive Progress Bars

9.css3 animation pluginWith ProgressBar.js, it’s easy to create arbitrary shaped progress bars. This library provides a few built-in shapes like Line, Circle and Square but you can also create your own progress bars with Illustrator or any vector graphic editor.


Bounce.js – Javascript Library to Create Beautiful CSS3 Animations

10.css3 animation pluginBounce.js is a javascript library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations. Here are some of animation that you can do with bounce.js: scale, rotate, translate, skew etc.