Free and Premium jQuery Scrolling Plugins

jQuery Scrolling plugins help to make a website look extremely responsive as well as synergistic apart from providing its contents a better look. It gives the users the liberty to present the contents in the most appropriate manner as well.

Certain plugins are there to help the designers in shaping up contents and overall look of the websites. They provide the scope of horizontal as well as vertical scrolling and sometimes a combination of both.

Custom scrollbar plugins which utilize jQuery UI are entirely customizable with CSS. They feature vertical as well as horizontal scrolling and mouse-wheel support that is possible because of the Brandon Aaron jQuery mouse-wheel plugin. Besides, they also support scroll easing and changing the height & width of the adjustable scrollbars.

Tiny Scrollbars are used mainly for scrolling contents. These are designed with the help of the library of javascript jQuery.

Another unique plugin, Scrollbar Paper covers the default scrollbar with a typically designed custom scrollbar, just like a paper covers a wall, giving it the name – Scrollbar Paper. The plus point that is available with this option is that the behavior of the modified scrollbar cannot be altered and the support of the mouse wheel, selection of text and as well as the performance of the scrolls remain all the same.

A few Techniques of jQuery Scrolling Plugins

Some jQuery Scrolling plugins are available with entirely themable as well as adjustable scrollbars allowing the users to get back to the regular scrollbars if and when the JavaScript gets disabled.

This particular technique is used on a number of websites and instead of going for regular pagination, where a user needs to click in order to go from one page to another, unlimited scroll gives the user the liberty of automatically going to the next page as and when the user reaches the bottom of the page.

There are a few lightweight jQuery plugins that help the scrollbars look much like the OSX Lion. Endless scrolling or in other words infinite scrolling is another extremely popular technique that is practiced. Here, instead of going for the conventional pagination system, the page just goes on continuously loading with newer items that are attached to the end.

In case the pages are long winded, the viewers are generally provided with a relatively easy way to quickly as well as automatically scroll or roll back to the very top of that page. This technique exhibits stationary control at the window’s right hand lower corner.

Another type of jQuery scroller plugins is jScrollPane which gives the users certain custom scrollbars that work constantly with all types of modern browsers. Here, the users can stylize the scrollbars by using certain simple CSS techniques and they can utilize this technique whenever a JavaScript is disabled.

Certain jQuery Scrolling plugins help in scrolling along with the movement of the mouse. The design of this plugin is aimed at providing optimum visual customization, ease-to-use programmability to the pages. The users can opt for both horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. The principal goal of this particular tool is to provide visual customization, ease of use and programmability. You can have both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

All these jQuery Scrolling plugins have provided the designers the option of incorporating some extremely effective designs that provide visual depth as well glamour to the websites and making them more user-friendly so that they can be used by users who are not tech-savvy.

Free jQuery Scrolling Plugins

Tiny Scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar is a jQuery plugin that takes scrolling to the next level. It is aimed to spice up the project with animations that are triggered while users are moving down. It has options to force objects to fade in, fly, spin, scale, rotate, slide, wipe and some others.


SUPERSCROLLORAMA is an advanced yet easy-to-use jQuery plugin that equips owners with a range of possibilities. Powered by Greensock, it is a viable and reliable method to enrich scrolling with various traditional and unconventional animations. You can apply bounce effect, sliding, scaling, fading and others.


Unlike the previous example, jScrollPane is a rather simple add-on, yet it also has something to offer. It is flexible and cross-browser. It lets convert default scroll bar into an HTML structure that can be easily enhanced through CSS. What’s more, the team has also prepared a small collection of predefined themes, so that you can quickly smarten interface with a customized version.


Although the project is not maintained any longer, however, the solution still serves its purpose well. It helps to create a web page with multiple fixed panels, where shifting between sections is accompanied by fancy transition effect. The latter reminds raising of a curtain. It supports standard ways of navigating via keyboard, scroll bar and mouse wheel.

jQuery Scroll Path

As you may have guessed the plugin allows building custom paths that will gently guide users through the interface. You can add some special effects such as rotations in order to inject some life into the environment. It has methods that are similar to canvas methods so that you won’t get lost. It is a great instrument to craft visual storytelling experience.

jQuery custom content scroller

Come along with such basic features as

  • vertical/horizontal scrollbars;
  • adjustable scrolling momentum;
  • navigation through keyboard and mouse wheel;
  • support for touch screen devices;
  • methods for triggering actions;
  • support for interfaces with RTL direction,

this jQuery-driven module is an excellent tool to create a smart and smooth parallax effect. Being highly customizable and lightweight it is pretty powerful in what it can do.


Inspired by elegance and friendliness of a scroll bar in Google Wave, the author has created this tiny jQuery-based UI widget. He also describes the whole routine in an article, offering readers to dive a bit deeper into coding.

The only drawback is that the solution does not work on touch screen devices and IE browsers though it supports mouse wheel and keyboard.


scrolldeck.js is a small instrument that owes its functionality to Scrollorama. However, it has some tiny improvements and enhancements that separate it from its ancestor. To derive benefits from it, you should break the page into slides that can be controlled by the plugin. You can set animations, add effects and even assign styles. Made with various touch screen devices in mind, it is also fully responsive.

Premium jQuery Scrolling Plugins

Easy Scroll

Easy Scroll is a premium product that puts you in the driver’s seat. It ships with

  • a ton of customization options to harmoniously integrate the component into environment;
  • three types of scrolling;
  • numerous display options.

It works with any content and allows adding unlimited amount of blocks within one page without sacrificing productivity. It is compatible with all major browsers, including even I.E. 7 and I.E. 8.

liimeBar: An improved scroll bar for your website

LiimeBar was created to impress visitors with a sleek and elegant scroll bar and smooth and pleasant transitions between sections. It replaces the default unit with the improved version that can be easily controlled. Since the solution is primarily based on CSS properties, it is pretty lightweight and highly customizable.

As befits, it was successfully tested in all the modern browsers.

Customized Scrollbars

The pack consists of several carefully crafted smart versions of scrollbars that should take the place of the default ones. There are eight predefined themes that look nice and stylish. You can choose between vertical and horizontal direction thereby adopting the solution to any interface. It is also clickable so that users won’t experience difficulties with it. Based purely on CSS and JavaScript, the extension does not overload the project nor lessen its efficiency.

DZS Scroller – jQuery Scrollbar done right

Optimized for iOS and Android platforms, the library creates a nifty scroll bar that is an ideal match for responsive layouts. It works great with tablets, cell phones, and huge desktops. You can customize it via CSS or simply select a skin from five available. It is enhanced with some little effects such as ‘fade on mouse leave’ that contribute to the user experience.

RollBar – jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

RollBar has everything to become a perfect replacement for default browser’s scrollbar. It can be quickly customized to fit your needs. You can also power slideshows with it and make them look unique and neat. Complying with the majority of current requirements it is supplied with a responsive behavior and support for mobile devices. It also has

  • vertical and horizontal modes;
  • support of navigation with the help of mouse wheel or keyboard;
  • scroll callback function;
  • a dozen of configuration options.

jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar

Built on the top of jQuery JavaScript framework, it is fast, lightweight and mighty. It is delivered with such characteristics as

  • support for mouse wheel and keyboard;
  • scrolling in two directions (vertical and horizontal);
  • automatically resizing scroll handles;
  • option of hiding/showing scrollbar on a hover event.

It collaborates with any content and can be styled with CSS.


Scrolling is very popular nowadays. It is a solid foundation for any long page design or visual storytelling experience. While usually it plays a secondary role by providing visitors with a simple and intuitive way for moving around, however, used in pair with animations and illustrations it is capable of obtaining a stunning result. Freemium and Premium plugins will help you to get the most out of this technique and create something incredible.