50+ Free Business Card Templates

There are many ways to promote your business and let’s say promotion is the first step to succeed in your business.Today it’s easy to make the promotion via internet because you can do this on may platforms like social media,websites,directories and on Google maps.But in real life this is a little bit more difficult and can be more expensive than online promotion.But of course there is an affordable way and it is business cards.Business cards can be used not only to promote your business but also market your products or organizations.Business cards must be informative and must include company name,phone number,address – email address or even your Facebook and Twitter details.

Although having a business card package is affordable you can also design or use a ready-mad business card template for your needs.There are dozens of websites offering free business card templates in PSD form but i know you don’t have time to look for them so today we have gathered free PSD business card templates for you.The below business card templates are all free.You can use the same design or make a few modifications for your wish.

Here is the collection of 50+ free business card templates in PSD.

Unique Corporate Business Card Template

48.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Paper Texture Business Card Template

49.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Coffee and Cefeteria Business Card Template

50.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Flow Business Cards in 3 Colors

business card templateTemplate Source


Simple Scene

2.business-card-templateTemplate Source



3.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Playing Card Business Card Free Template

4.business-card-templateTemplate Source


iPro Consulting Business Card

5.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template

6.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Abstract Greyscale Business Card

7.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Developer Business Card

8.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Professional Business Card

9.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template & Mockup

10.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template

11.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template – reZEAL

12.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template – ProCard

13.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Color Stripped Business Cards

14.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Scan my QR Code Business Cards

15.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Elegant Business Cards

17.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Media Business Cards in 2 Colors

18.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Print Shop Color Business Card

19.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Rounded Corner Business Card Design

20.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Clean Business Card Design

21.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Psd Business Card Mock-Up

37.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Creative Ring Business Cards

16.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Retro Business Card

38.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Industrial Business Card

39.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Corporate Business Card Template

40.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Creative Business Card Template

41.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Mock-Up

42.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Creative Business Card Template

43.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Corporate Business Card

44.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Creative Business Card

45.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Corporate Business Card Template

46.business-card-templateTemplate Source


10 Business Card Templates

47.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Kakia Tattoo Studio

34.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Yellow Business Card Template

35.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Aqua Chocolat

36.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Rainbow Business Card Template

22.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Creative Business Card PSD Template

23.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Clean Business Card Template

24.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Colorful Business Card Template

25.business-card-templateTemplate Source


PSD Business Card Template

26.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Retro Style Business Card Template

27.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card Template for Design Studio

28.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Photo Business Card Template

29.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Typography Business Card

30.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Vintage business card PSD

(front & back)
31.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Business Card PSD Templates

(front & back)
32.business-card-templateTemplate Source


Nail Salon Business Card Templates

33.business-card-templateTemplate Source


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