taggingJS : jQuery plugin to tagging like a charm

Today’s free web development resource is about tagging.Tagging is widely used in font-end systems and this jQuery plugin helps to add tagsiit is customizable and allows the visitor to add/remove multiple tags with ease.


Supports all major browsers in the world (IE 6+, Mozilla Firefox 1+, Google Chrome 1+, Safari 5.1+).

It’s a kind of magic! Just use


– Download the tagging.min.js file from GitHub repository;
– Include

<script src="path/to/tagging.min.js"></script>

to the bottom of your page;
– Write in your page something like

<div data-name="tag" id="fooTagField">your tag</div>

– Add to your main JavaScript file


to implement it;

The data-name=”tag” is the class used for every single tag inside the fooTagField.

GitHub    Demo

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