12 Methods To Send Large Files To Clients

Sending large sized files to clients can be a challenge with the different level of technical expertize of the various contacts and the number of options available. Often there are limits to how big of a file can be uploaded to different services which can also be a big issue.

It is also necessary to share files with co-workers, freelance hires and other people who are helping to complete project work and need an effective way to make files available. Design ideas shared and co-development run in tandem to speed up completion of the project require efficient file sharing systems that everyone can access.

Here is a collection of the best 12 tools which can be used to send larger files to clients and other people involved with each project.


WetransferTransfer files up to 10 GB in size between users. Runs on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, plus there are both Android and iOS mobile apps making the Wetransfer system truly cross-platform and mobile friendly.


Send Space

Send SpaceSend Space offers drag and drop functionality from their web site to share files with others. It is possible to use the Send Space service via Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or an Android app. A 300 MB limit with one month availability is for free accounts and there are paid options too.



MediafireMediaFire offers Windows app functionality or mobile app functionality. Store media files online and then make them available to yourself wherever you are and however you are connected.



dropbox-One of the most famous cloud storage service.Easy to use.You upload your files and get the download link.That’s all.



InfinitThe advantage of Infinit is that unlimited file sizes can be transferred. The system works via a desktop app for either Windows or Mac OS X. See a list of friends with their name and small picture to identify them making it easy to select someone and sending them some files across the internet.



SenduitSenduit has a single web page interface to upload a file. You are then able to choose how long the online line will be live before it is no longer valid. In this way it is possible to share content for a limited access period which is helpful. Very bare web site information.



iDriveiDrive is a cloud backup service which works across multiple desktop platforms like Windows and Mac, but also mobile too. 5 GB of free cloud space and larger paid accounts. A special feature is the ability to backup mobile devices to the cloud instead of using specialized backup software. Facebook backups are also possible.



WikisendWikiSend has been going since 2008. It offers to host a file for up to 90 days, which the user specifies, and can handle up to 100 MB file sizes but no greater than that. Add a description, a password if you wish and email a friend with the download information.



StreamfileAimed at business customers, the free account offers 300 MB file sizes, a 1 TB monthly data transfer, 1 day file expiry and 128-bit encryption. Paid accounts offer at least 5 TB of data storage and a global content delivery network to speed up access times.


Files to Friends

Files to FriendsSend up to 1 GB to friends (5 GB on the paid account). Drag and drop files using the web interface and email a friend or colleague with the hosting information.



BoxBox is a cloud provider aimed more at business. It offers secured file access and many business plans.