Daily Design Inspiration : Sketches & Logos

This is our daily inspiration post and as usual we continue to showcase really talented designers’ works.Today’s inspiration comes from Jackson Alves.

Jackson Alves is a type designer based in Curitiba, south of Brazil and he is an expert in calligraphy, lettering and typography.He has a great lettering portfolio and below are the examples of logos from sketching to live versions.

You can find Jackson on Behance and on Facebook

logo sketch

2.logo sketch

3.logo sketch

4.logo sketch

5.logo sketch

6.logo sketch

7.logo sketch

8.logo sketch

9.logo sketch

10.logo sketch

11.logo sketch

12.logo sketch

13.logo sketch

14.logo sketch

15.logo sketch

16.logo sketch

17.logo sketch

18.logo sketch

19.logo sketch

20.logo sketch

21.logo sketch

22.logo sketch

23.logo sketch

24.logo sketch

25.logo sketch

26.logo sketch

27.logo sketch

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