20 Free Sponge Textures For Designers

Textures are great design components for designers.First of all applying textures can give endless possibilities and textures can easily turn your artworks into a very realistic form.So having a huge texture library is one of the most essential thing for designers.

Here on Pixelbell we love to share free resources for designers and developers and today we are bring together free sponge textures for you.The below sponge textures deserve to be added into your texture library.
Here is the collection of colorful sponge textures for your designs.

Blue Sponge

sponge textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

2.sponge-textureTexture Source


Red Sponge

3.sponge-textureTexture Source


Blue Texture

4.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

5.sponge-textureTexture Source


Wet Sponge

6.sponge-textureTexture Source


Dry Sponge

7.sponge-textureTexture Source


Pottery Sponge

8.sponge-textureTexture Source


Soft as Sponge

9.sponge-textureTexture Source



10.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

11.sponge-textureTexture Source


Old Sponge

12.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

13.sponge-textureTexture Source



14.sponge-textureTexture Source

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